Yoga Therapy

Lindsay Keefe Yoga specializes in personalized functional movement using the tools of yoga to deal with pain, illness, anxiety, and stress, and mental health or to improve athletic performance.

Yoga therapy is the process of learning how your body communicates so you can identify what is and isn’t working for you.

With ongoing one-to-one support watch yourself progress and see how a mindful investment of your time  will help you re-organize how you move and how your body responds to changing circumstances.

If this something you are ready for, let’s connect.

I have been working with Lindsay Keefe doing yoga therapy for many months now.  I had pretty sore shoulder which would actually wake me from sleeping (although I only came to this realization after I started working with Lindsay- up until she helped me to get more in touch with my body and sensations, i just thought I slept badly).  I have learned to move my shoulder blade without moving or tensing all the other muscles in my neck, arms etc.  I have learned to notice when I am tensing.  I have learned to breath and to be mindful of my breath.  The biggest impression that Yoga therapy had on me is the impact it has had on my pain but also on my well-being overall.  I have started to sleep much better, I have less pain and I have realized that when I do the work that Lindsay has prescribed and taught me it makes an enormous difference.  I feel like this form of therapy has so many benefits that many others do not in that it focuses on a specific issue, but takes the whole person into account and also teaches the client to learn about their bodies overall and to experience a greater overall awareness in and out of sessions with Lindsay.


Sarah Smith (private client)

I had terrible neck and shoulder pain and I went to see Lindsay and now after a week it’s nothing, it’s gone. For over a year, I’ve not had functionality [in my shoulders and neck], it’s tiny movements and it’s incredible what user error as done to me over the years.

Katie Mellor, Mellor Insurance