Take Back Control From Pain and Stress

Persistent pain and stress limit your capacity to enjoy life and you don’t want to settle for less. You are here because you are a problem solver and you are curious about movement. Deep down you know it is possible to resolve your symptoms. You are tired of pain and stress controlling your life and you are motivated to take back control.

This is your opportunity to learn new, fundamental life skills that will help you resolve your symptoms and progress you from pain to new possibilities.

I’ve been practicing yoga with Lindsay for the last 7 months. I’ve noticed a very significant change during this time. Prior to practicing yoga I had limited strength and some balancing difficulties due to arthritis.  When I met Lindsay I was impressed with both her knowledge and her patience. I’ve been practicing yoga twice weekly and have noticeably more strength and much better balance. Lindsay started with basic poses and as my abilities increased she added more difficult poses to both challenge me and to help me grow. I very much recommend yoga with Lindsay to other seniors to either stay active or to become active. Lindsay has the ability and the patience to customize a yoga program for people of all ages and all physical conditions.


I started private sessions with Lindsay after reviewing a video featuring 360 degree views of me speaking on stage. I did not like what I saw of my posture.  When I arrive at her beautiful studio, I’m usually in go, go, go mode.  But Lindsay slows me right down.  The subtle nature of the movements she introduces is surprising.  By the end of the session, I’m standing how I think I should be standing.  Becoming aware of that difference, and making it the new baseline is the biggest benefit.  Thank you Lindsay, I’m grateful for your work.

Laura Tucker, Leadership coach and host of the Free Your Inner Guru™ Podcast.