Yoga Therapy

Lindsay Keefe Yoga specializes in personalized functional movement using the tools of yoga to deal with pain, illness, anxiety, and stress, and mental health or to improve athletic performance.

Yoga therapy is the process of learning how your body communicates so you can identify what is and isn’t working for you.

With ongoing one-to-one support watch yourself progress and see how a mindful investment of your time  will help you re-organize how you move and how your body responds to changing circumstances.

If this something you are ready for, let’s connect.

I had terrible neck and shoulder pain and I went to see Lindsay and now after a week it’s nothing, it’s gone. For over a year, I’ve not had functionality [in my shoulders and neck], it’s tiny movements and it’s incredible what user error as done to me over the years.

Katie Mellor, Mellor Insurance

I worked with Lindsay in September because I kept getting injured when I played hockey. With the techniques that she taught me I haven’t had any pain or injury return – now 4 games and many practices into the season. I can feel that I’m getting stronger and I’m really happy.

Nathan, grade 9 student