During teachers college I was in a car accident that left me with chronic back pain for years. I also suffered from headaches, migraines and occasionally anxiety. I tried many different treatments but nothing helped long term. I was told by health professionals that I would need to learn to cope with it. In that same year as the car accident, my mom passed away and I moved overseas to start a new job which significantly added to my stress levels and mental health concerns. It was around this time that I started a regular yoga practice which helped to ease some of the symptoms but the physical pain never truly went away. 

Years later, I started a private and corporate yoga business after moving to Toronto and realized that a lot of my students were also experiencing pain. I sought out a yoga therapist because deep down I knew there was something more out there. Yoga Therapy opened up a whole new world of possibility to me. For the first time, my pain went away and stayed away. I knew this was something I could help other people have for themselves too. I understand how challenging life can be physically and emotionally when living with pain AND it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our bodies are designed to be incredibly adaptable and resilient. I have experienced this in myself, as well as working with children, teens, adults and seniors.

You can enjoy your life the way you were meant to without being held back by physical limitations and feel uplifted and energized by the activities that you love to do.

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Credentials:  B.A.H., Psychology and Religious Studies, Queens University, 2006; B.Ed., Primary/Junior Education, Brock University, 2009; E-RYT200 Blissology Yoga, 2013; C-IAYT Functional Synergy, 2020

A little bit more about me

Here are some fun facts about me: I consider myself to be practical and down to earth. I have lived in Taiwan and Hong Kong and Canada. I have taught kindergarten and at the college level. My favourite things are afternoon tea, going for hikes and nerding out on non-fiction. I love networking and collaborating with like minded people.

These are some of my beliefs about healing:

  • Stress is another manifestation of pain.
  • Emotional and physical well-being are intimately connected.
  • Pain can change regardless of your situation.
  • Healing is possible.
  • Tissues can change at any age.
  • The body and mind influence one another.
  • Our bodies communicate with us through breath, sensation and symptoms which are intended to guide us toward making appropriate choices to lead you away from pain and suffering.
  • I believe in healing and not a quick fix that temporarily reduces pain.
  • Healing is non-linear.
  • Healing can take time.
  • I believe in cultivating supportive honest, trusting, relationships.
  • Healing happens as a collaboration.
  • Pain is often not where the problem is. 
  • A “set back” doesn’t mean all is lost. Not only does your body remember, but you have gained all kinds of skills, tools and awarenesses to help you to continue to progress.
  • Life hacks and fix it strategies only provide relief for the short term. Taking ownership for where you’re at and being willing to to do the work to  resolve the underlying issues is the key to sustainable, long term results.
  • Yoga therapy provides a fundamental set of life skills that you can apply to everything that you do.

Book a FREE 30-min consultation to see if yoga therapy is right for you.