Book Online Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Therapy

1 hour @ CA$100.00

These are one-on-one sessions that will be conducted via Zoom. You will need access to a phone or computer so I can see your full body movements during these sessions. You will receive a recording of your session as well as a receive a handout via email after the session with your home practice.

At Home Therapeutic Yoga Group Class

1 hour @ CA$20.00

This online class will take place via Zoom. We will explore gentle movements to help unwind stress and cultivate ease and relaxation. I will also provide tools to help manage the ebb and flow of overwhelm we might be experiencing. You will receive a recording of the classes that you attend.

At Home Chair Yoga Group Class

1 hour @ CA$20.00

This class is taught entirely in sitting and is appropriate for those who are injured, people with limited mobility, seniors and desk jockeys. This will be a slow paced class with gentle movement, breathing practices and meditation to relieve stiffness, improve flexibility, create feelings of calm and relaxation and a sense of community.

At Home Restorative Yoga Group Class

1 hour @ CA$20.00

Taking time to relax and renew is essential to living well. We will explore stillness, effortlessness and quiet to help induce the relaxation state so you can sleep better and heal from the effects of chronic stress. Together we will create a supportive environment for total relaxation.

You will need: blankets + pillows, a scarf or eye pillow. If you have bolsters + blocks at home that’s fine. I will not play music but you are welcome to play your own music softly in the background.

Corporate Yoga Classes

If you would like to book online classes for your workplace or other group, please contact me directly through my contact page.