Community Yoga Classes

Group classes are now taking place online. To register for a class follow this link.

At Home Therapeutic Yoga – We will explore gentle movement and breathing practices to unwind stress and manage the ebb and flow of overwhelm that we might be experiencing.

Mondays: Noon and 7pm
Tuesdays: 6:30pm
Wednesdays: 6:30pm
Thursdays: Noon and 7pm
Fridays: Noon

At Home Chair Yoga – This class is taught entirely in sitting and is appropriate for those who are injured, people with limited mobility, seniors and desk jockeys. This will be a slow paced class with gentle movement, breathing practices and meditation to relieve stiffness, improve flexibility, create feelings of calm and relaxation and a sense of community.

Tuesdays: Noon

At Home Restorative Yoga – Taking time to relax and renew is essential to living well. We will explore stillness, effortlessness and quiet to help induce the relaxation state so you can sleep better and heal from the effects of chronic stress. Together we will create a supportive environment for total relaxation.
You will need: blankets + pillows, a scarf or eye pillow. If you have bolsters + blocks at home that’s fine. I will not play music but you are welcome to play your own music softly in the background.

Fridays: 5pm

All group classes are 1 hour and $20. As an added bonus I will record classes so you can have a video of it afterwards.

Private yoga therapy classes will be scheduled and conducted in the same way. For now private classes are available at my package rate of $100/hr.

Group Classes at Living waters Therapies

Small class sizes (less than 10 people) allow me to provide individualized instruction so you can become your own best teacher. Join me for an exploration of movement, stillness and breath and leave feeling rested, energized and free from aches and pains.

Book at Living Waters Therapies

Living Waters Therapies – 1114 Queen St East, Toronto

Classes Cancelled

Class Descriptions:

Yoga Foundations:

If you have an existing fitness routine this class will allow you to explore and play with the limits of your movement. Exercise does not have to push you beyond your limits to achieve great results.

If you are a busy professional who has difficulty finding time for exercise this class provides an opportunity to work towards fitness goals in a gentle and supportive way.

And if you are feeling achy or stressed out or you have an injury, this class provides a safe and accessible environment to learn how to move appropriately for your body and condition.

This is not a typical yoga class. There is less focus on traditional yoga asanas and a greater focus on how to move in a way that supports building strength and balance, while unwinding tension and creating ease using the principles of yoga therapy.  Small class sizes ensure a personalized approached in a group setting. Expect gentle movements and a slower pace that allow you to feel into your practice and gain deeper insight into the nuances of movement and breath.

Restorative Yoga: In this class you will learn how to release tension from the body and mind so you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. This class will aim to help improve your body’s ability to heal and gain strength and stamina by building your energy reserves so you feel well and rested. Restorative yoga is done mostly laying down with the support of props for most poses.