Innergy Corporate Yoga brings Yoga Class to At-Risk Youth in Vaughan

360kids partner yogaWow, what an inspiring afternoon with 360Kids in Vaughn. I was met by nearly 20 teenage girls in the gym at the community centre ready to get their yoga on. The girls were excited to see where our journey would take us.  We started off our practice with some partner yoga, where the girls learned to support and trust each other with some gentle warm up stretches and breathing exercises. From here we flowed through some sun salutations, did some more partner work, and then slowed down our practice with some quiet asanas on the floor followed by a guided meditation.

At the end the girls were given Innergy Corporate Yoga school yoga cards to record their favourite poses, what they like about yoga, and why yoga is good for them. This is a great way to take something tangible away from the class and to serve as a reminder of how yoga can help us.
360kids yogaThis was my first time teaching this age group and it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I feel so honoured that I was asked to volunteer my time to teach this group of vibrant youth.