Is Yoga right for You?

I truly believe that yoga is for everyone. Yoga can manifest in our lives in many different ways. Part of the journey is finding the style of yoga and the yoga teacher that is right for you.

The images that you see on Instagram or in magazines is not yoga. For some people these images of yoga postures may be inspirational but for others the complete opposite. Yoga is not meant to be a competition about who is the strongest or most flexible. There is not a correct shape or correct way to “do” yoga. Everyones bodies are different based on bone structure, muscles composition and genetics and we respond to movement in different ways. The purpose of yoga is to get comfortable with your body the way it is today. Yoga is YOUR journey, YOUR experience, it’s where YOU are right this very moment. Yoga is not a destination. Yoga is a process. Yoga is also more than just the physical postures based on the images we see in social media. Follow the link to find out more about what yoga is and how it might serve you.