Private Yoga

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What to expect in a private yoga session with me: We will go through an evaluation of your lifestyle, past/present injuries or illness, your current goals and current movement patterns. From here we will work together to improve function through breath work, meditation and appropriate movement.

Who does Private Yoga? People who have limited mobility, limited time, an injury, an illness, or want to focus on a specific aspect of yoga that you don’t get a group class. Private classes are a safe way to overcome fears, anxiety or lack of confidence and get out of pain quickly and safely.

Why Private Yoga?

  • Develop awareness of the biomechanics of your movement patterns
  • Addressing of individual and specific yoga needs
  • Quicker improvement and progress than regular class
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Take your practice to another level.
  • Experience the greatest benefits from yoga poses.
  • Strengthen, improve posture, increase flexibility, build core strength, develop body awareness,
  • Use yoga to cross train and reduce injuries.
  • Develop your own meditation practice with guidance of an experienced teacher
  • Reduce pain, anxiety and stress. Sleep better and feel better.
  • Learn the foundations to be more prepared going to a group class.

Private and small group instruction is ideal if you:

  • Appreciate individual attention, guidance, and hands-on assistance
  • Are unable to attend regularly scheduled classes
  • Have specific health and fitness needs or goals to address
  • Are new to yoga and are not sure how to get started
  • Would like to deepen or broaden your yoga practice

All yoga classes are individualized for:

  • different levels of mobility and flexibility
  • age group (kids, teens, adults, seniors)
  • level of experience and fitness
  • health and wellness goals

Consultation: An initial consultation is built into your first session at no extra cost.

Sessions are typically progressive in nature. As you master basic skills you learn how to add complexity with support without struggling or falling behind. If you need support from other healthcare practitioners I can make recommendations to other wellness professionals such as acupuncture, chiropractic, structural integration, massage or nutritional information and provide appropriate referrals.

Private classes are one hour long.