On Love, Perspective and Rest

It’s hard to believe it’s almost the middle of February already. Valentines Day and Family Day are coming up this weekend so your mind is likely thinking about the other people people in your life and you’re not thinking about yourself. That’s okay. The people in our life are super important but keep reading because I have message for you…

I spent the last two weeks in Calgary for in-person yoga therapy training and I wanted to share a few gems with you. As soon as I got home I saw this image on Instagram and I felt like it epitomizes a few themes from my training. We often limit ourselves and get comfortable in the little box we build around ourselves that we identify with as “I” or “me”. As such we miss opportunities all around us or limit ourselves because we have one way of thinking or deeply ingrained beliefs that we aren’t even aware of. When we can start to consciously explore using different lenses or taking different perspectives for how we perceive; our world, our toolbox and our opportunities get bigger and more expansive. Yoga Nidra (a process of meditative self-inquiry) teaches us that feelings and emotions exist on a spectrum. We can explore them from this perspective so we can embody the experience of a range of possibilities. It’s amazing how one small shift can create huge change. (If you’re interested in experiencing Yoga Nidra, come to one of my group classes or book a private session).

My message for you…

Winter is a season for rest. When you are feeling tired, anxious or stressed, or constantly getting a cold, consider from the perspective of your body, that it’s asking you to rest. Take a nap, go for an easy walk, try some gentle movements that feel nourishing and supportive, and go to bed early. It’s okay to say no to that invitation from your colleagues or friends or family if your schedule is already crammed packed. It’s okay, and necessary, to slow down and take care of YOU! When we really take good care of ourselves, we have so much more to give to our families and our work. When considering when and how you rest think about which type of person you are: Person A: you need to move (exercise) a lot before you can start to wind down and actually rest. Or Person B: you need to rest and relax yourself to replenish your energy reserves before you even consider being active. Whether you are person A or B or somewhere in between, let your needs guide you on how you create rest.

If you need some more ideas on how to support yourself to feel rested and relaxed I’d be happy to chat!

Valentines Day Yoga

Yoga_photoshoot_Micheal_wild thing close upShow your sweetheart how much you care with an at home private yoga session. What better way to begin the day than with a gentle yoga practice to awaken the mind, body and spirit.

Your loved one will get: 1 hour personalized yoga practice that focuses on deep breathing, mindfulness, gentle stretches and heart opening postures to fill her with a sense of joy and love, followed by an aroma therapy guided relaxation. Yoga mat and other props will be provided.

A 60 minute class is $100 + hst. Limited availability this coming Saturday/Sunday (Feb 13-14, 2016). Contact me to book now!

You must be located in Toronto/GTA.

Too book a couples yoga session add $15.
love mudra

Walk for Alzheimer’s + Yoga

yoga in centre islandThe sun was shining, there was a cool breeze blowing, cotton candy, face painting and a great sense of community surrounded us this morning on Centre Island in Toronto. Over 50 people met up to get their yoga on and most importantly to Walk for Alzheimer’s. I was blessed with the opportunity to lead a yoga stretch session with this awesome group of people before they started their walk. This walk was one of 150 community walks across the country, to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. If you would like to make donation visit Walk for Alzhemer’s.