Restorative Yoga and Sound Bath – online


Monday, Sept 21, Oct 5, Oct 19| 8:30pm (EST) | $ sliding scale

Taking time to relax and restore the senses is essential to living well. Lindsay and Nicole have crafted the ultimate relaxation practice for in the comfort of your own home. Lindsay will guide you through a 75 minute restorative yoga class while Nicole facilitates the sound healing experience while you are in each pose.

We will explore stillness and effortlessness through supported postures to induce a deep state of relaxation so you can sleep better and heal yourself inside and out from the effects of prolonged stress. Together we will release tension from the body and mind so you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

 You will need some props to support you in this practice:

  • A bolster or a stack of blankets and pillows
  • Blankets (2 or 3)
  • Pillow (bring a couple if you don’t have a bolster)
  • Eye pillow (or an eye mask, facecloth or fabric to drape over your eyes)

Tips: To help with sound quality, keep yourself on mute with the video off. If possible, limit the use of internet on other devices. A bluetooth speaker or headphones may improve sound. Note that sound quality varies across devices and internet quality.

What people are saying: 

“Liann and I really enjoyed the experience, and had the residual calming and centering effects throughout the weekend. It was really needed.” – Andrew

“I loved the class.” – Jennifer

“I loved it! I think you two are an amazing combination and I hope I can join another combo class in the future.” – Susan

“I thought the class was amazing…[I] hope you two plan do another one of these at some point!” – Mirian

“I loved the class and afterwards I felt like a million dollar bag of jello!” – Sarah

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Yoga and Divorce: Yamas & Niyamas

Yamas & Niyamas is a 10 month program designed to delve deeply into your values and how they can support you through your darkest days. 

This is a mostly self-guided program that will require weekly and monthly reflection and follow up. I am here to support you the whole way through.


  1. In-take call with me to discuss schedule, discuss goals and Q&A.
  2. Get the book – available on Amazon
  3. Weekly reflection questions submitted by email. 
  4. Monthly 1 hr Zoom call.
  5. Online group support ongoing for the duration of the program.
  6. Ability to collaborate and co-create with group members.


payment plans available. 

Start Date: TBA

Workshops provide an opportunity to explore a topic or theme in more depth. Small group sizes are supportive and nurture unique individual experiences.  In the past I have offered Yoga Rehab workshops that provided a unique set of tools and skills to  develop awareness around unresolved hip and back pain as well as shoulder, elbow and wrist pain. Other recent workshops include Connect to Your Core, Healthy Happy Hips, Pelvic Floor and Breathing Better.

Past Workshop Testimonials

On Yoga and Soundbath combo:

Past participants have said:

Lindsay and Nicole offered a seamless flow of yoga therapy and sound treatment. The workshop felt centred around personal awareness and self care. I would highly recommend this workshop!

It was a beautiful calming, experiential inward journey.

Loved the yoga and the sound bath was amazing! Would do it again.

Susan Patterson

Owner at SupperWorks – Leaside

March 27, 2017, Susan was a client of Lindsay’s

You must be lucky to be reading this testimonial because it means you have found Lindsay Keefe and her amazing yoga experiences. I have been fortunate enough to have done several yoga workshops with Lindsay, most recently two of her Yoga for Pain Clinics. I keep returning because there is helpful new information each time, and because it keeps me practicing the postures that are so good for me.

Lindsay is unique in her ability to pinpoint the very specific asana that targets a problem area. She is also excellent at describing in words and visuals how to properly do the various postures. I have not found a previous yoga instructor with such an ability to identify positions and moves that relieve tension or discomfort. For me, that was sometimes in areas that I hadn’t even recognized were restricted but now feel so much freer after my class with Lindsay.
I so enjoyed my workshops with Lindsay, I am now looking forward to doing some one-on-one sessions with her. I highly recommend trying yoga with Lindsay. You will be glad you did.


Maya Pande

Toronto Chiropractor | Owner of Pande Family Wellness Centre

April 10, 2017, Maya was a client of Lindsay’s

If you have any kind of ongoing chronic pain, sign up for Lindsay Keefe’s Yoga Rehab Workshop!

I’ve been a chiropractor for 20 years and because of the repetitive actions of my profession, I’ve developed pain in my right shoulder, elbow and wrist.

I was nervous to try Lindsay’s class because traditional yoga poses increase my pain. I wondered if I would make it through the whole workshop. I shouldn’t have worried. The moves were helpful AND felt good. The class was small enough that we each got one on one time with Lindsay. By the end, my body, including my arm, was relaxed and centred. I felt stronger and more hopeful about recovering.

Afterwards, Lindsay gave us a handout outlining the poses and exercises we had done. A few hours later, a video of the exercises landed in my inbox! Definitely above and beyond what I expected.

Thanks Lindsay!