Spring into Wellness – 6 Week Program

This program is for you if you want to dive a little deeper into your movement and uncover the practices that will best support you right now.

What you get:

– Up to six 1:1 Zoom classes tailored to your needs, whether that’s healing an injury, getting stronger, developing strategies for stress management, improving your athletic performance or really, anything!

–  unlimited email/text support for 6 consecutive weeks

–  breath work practices, meditation practices, and so much more. I pour my heart and soul into all of my offerings, so you will be well taken care of. 

Investment: $350, that’s only $58/week!

30 Day Challenge participants get 10% off – check your inbox for your discount code!
Available now until June 20, 2021.
Email me to set up your program:

Connect to Your Core – 30 Day Challenge

Dates: May 1-30, 2021
Time: video link to your inbox every morning (practice on your own time)
Cost: $30

In this 30 day program you will receive a video link to a daily practice in your inbox every morning. The links stay live you can you can practice when it’s convenient for you. 

Everyone experiences their core, or access to their core differently. This program is designed to help you re-connect, or connect to your core in a deeper, more meaningful way, that will transform how you experience “core”.

The practices are based on my principles yoga therapy so they are accessible regardless of your age, yoga or exercise (or lack of) experiences.

What you get:
  • daily 5-10 minute core exploration practice
  • full length class at the end of each week combining that weeks daily practices
  • Connect To Your Core e-book
  • bonus breathing practices
  • unlimited support via email or text

You may experience:

    • less pain
    • increased energy
    • better sleep
    • improved balance and coordination
    • feeling strong, sexy and powerful 

Learn the answers to these questions and more!

  • What is core, really? Why is it important for adults of every age?
  • Understand the relationship of your different body parts to your core and how they all need to communicate and work well together.
  • Why Core is more than 6-pack abs
  • How does your breath relate to core and why does it matter?
  •  How do you develop a responsive, resilient core?
  • How to develop a strong, healthy stable core without killing yourself at the gym.

I have so much to say and so to much to share on this topic that I can’t wait to get started! I’d love to hear your questions so I can support you throughout this program!

Register: here

Restorative Yoga and Sound Bath – online

Summer Sessions Tuesday’s: June 1, July 6, August 3 | 8:30-9:30pm EST

$35/class | bundle all 3 for $80 | bundle 2 for $58


Grab your coziest blankets and comfiest pillows, light a candle or two and turn the lights down low. In the sanctuary of your own home, create your own little haven of comfort so you can be taken through states of deep relaxation and unwinding. While Lindsay’s guides you into supportive and nourishing restorative yoga poses to help your body release tension and stressors and calm the nervous system, Nicole will take you on a therapeutic musical journey that soothes the senses. 

This is perfect opportunity to invite in tranquilty and ease as you begin a new week. 


  • Have a stack of blankets (a towel and blanket at minimum)
  • A bunch of pillows (two big fluffy pillows at minimum)
  • An eye mask, pillow or face cloth
  • Optional: bolsters, yoga block, yoga strap for additional support

Create your environment: some ideas you might consider for creating the coziest atomosphere: Find a quiet space, turn down the lights, light a candle, turn on a diffuser with calming essential oils. Turn up the heat, wear warm socks and warm clothing. 

Tips: for improved sound quality, limit wifi use elsewhere in your home. Use the best quality device that you have and consider using ear buds if possible. 

Register in advance. Lindsay will e-mail you the Zoom link once you’ve registered.

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What people are saying: 

“Great as usual! I look forward to this every month.” – A

“Liann and I really enjoyed the experience, and had the residual calming and centering effects throughout the weekend. It was really needed.” – Andrew

“I loved the class.” – Jennifer

“I loved it! I think you two are an amazing combination and I hope I can join another combo class in the future.” – Susan

“I thought the class was amazing…[I] hope you two plan do another one of these at some point!” – Mirian

“I loved the class and afterwards I felt like a million dollar bag of jello!” – Sarah


Lindsay Keefe is a certfied international yoga therapist and works with companies, small groups and individuals to address pain symptoms, stress and mental health. She currently offers all her programs online. 

Nicole is certified sound therapy practitioner and co-founder of Sound Response Wellness, she combines her extensive corporate experience with a background in singing and live performance to deliver wellness and sound therapy services to corporate and community clients. 

SLIDING SCALE: Use the the Coupon Codes REST20, REST25, REST30, REST35 for the corresponding amount when you register.

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Workshops provide an opportunity to explore a topic or theme in more depth. Small group sizes are supportive and nurture unique individual experiences.  In the past I have offered Yoga Rehab workshops that provided a unique set of tools and skills to  develop awareness around unresolved hip and back pain as well as shoulder, elbow and wrist pain. Other recent workshops include Connect to Your Core, Healthy Happy Hips, Pelvic Floor and Breathing Better.

Past Workshop Testimonials

On Yoga and Soundbath combo:

Past participants have said:

Lindsay and Nicole offered a seamless flow of yoga therapy and sound treatment. The workshop felt centred around personal awareness and self care. I would highly recommend this workshop!

It was a beautiful calming, experiential inward journey.

Loved the yoga and the sound bath was amazing! Would do it again.

Susan Patterson

Owner at SupperWorks – Leaside

March 27, 2017, Susan was a client of Lindsay’s

You must be lucky to be reading this testimonial because it means you have found Lindsay Keefe and her amazing yoga experiences. I have been fortunate enough to have done several yoga workshops with Lindsay, most recently two of her Yoga for Pain Clinics. I keep returning because there is helpful new information each time, and because it keeps me practicing the postures that are so good for me.

Lindsay is unique in her ability to pinpoint the very specific asana that targets a problem area. She is also excellent at describing in words and visuals how to properly do the various postures. I have not found a previous yoga instructor with such an ability to identify positions and moves that relieve tension or discomfort. For me, that was sometimes in areas that I hadn’t even recognized were restricted but now feel so much freer after my class with Lindsay.
I so enjoyed my workshops with Lindsay, I am now looking forward to doing some one-on-one sessions with her. I highly recommend trying yoga with Lindsay. You will be glad you did.


Maya Pande

Toronto Chiropractor | Owner of Pande Family Wellness Centre

April 10, 2017, Maya was a client of Lindsay’s

If you have any kind of ongoing chronic pain, sign up for Lindsay Keefe’s Yoga Rehab Workshop!

I’ve been a chiropractor for 20 years and because of the repetitive actions of my profession, I’ve developed pain in my right shoulder, elbow and wrist.

I was nervous to try Lindsay’s class because traditional yoga poses increase my pain. I wondered if I would make it through the whole workshop. I shouldn’t have worried. The moves were helpful AND felt good. The class was small enough that we each got one on one time with Lindsay. By the end, my body, including my arm, was relaxed and centred. I felt stronger and more hopeful about recovering.

Afterwards, Lindsay gave us a handout outlining the poses and exercises we had done. A few hours later, a video of the exercises landed in my inbox! Definitely above and beyond what I expected.

Thanks Lindsay!