Yoga Therapy

Currently all private one-on-one sessions will take place online via Zoom. Click here to schedule your session.

For now all private sessions will have my package rate of $100/hour.

Yoga therapy is focused entirely on your needs and how the tools of yoga can best support you. Private programs are completely customized to each individual. We will do a combination of goal setting, movement work, reflection, feedback and homework that is a collaborative process between the two of us.

Yoga therapy is a process of cultivating deep physiological awareness to be able to respond to the ever-present host of signals your body is giving you in every moment, especially subtler signals and whispers rather than screams of discomfort or pain. Through practice, what emerges is a reorganization of your bodies systems to a new and better state of being.

As a yoga therapist I draw on my knowledge of yoga therapy including biomechanics, Ayurveda, Yoga Nidra, Rhythmic Movement training, neuroscience, psychology, pain science, trauma research, yoga philosophy and more while providing a supportive, caring, non-judgemental and safe environment.

Yoga therapy is a one-on-one experience that asks you to invest your time and effort to cultivate a sustainable, lasting transformation so you can thrive in your life. If this something you are ready for, let’s connect.

My message: I truly believe that healing is possible. This means we can care for pain, anxiety and stress and have more ease in our day-to-day. Pain can change regardless of your situation, it means you can manage flare ups, you can improve your bodies function, ease, strength and balance so you can do the activities that bring you joy and meaning. This type of transformational work requires an investment in yourself through some dedication and commitment. I believe we all need support and guidance and I want to help facilitate your healing through honest, trusting, supportive relationships. I believe in healing and not a quick fix that only temporarily relieves the pain. Focused intervention will resolve the underlying issues about why the pain is arising in the first place. This means you need to gain mastery in your life and not just searching for life hacks to get you through to the next hurdle. I invite you to work with me if you are ready and willing to make meaningful change happen.

Every person that I meet and have worked with is completely unique and this is why I take an individualized and customized approach to working with my clients. I take you through an in-depth in-take and evaluation so I can understand who you are in all aspects of your life and so we can collaborate on a plan that will be supportive and nurturing. I have learned that pain is often not where the problem is. When I work with clients I look at the relationships between different parts of the body. When functional relationships are limited or there is a disconnect, I help you re-establish connection through movement patterns that reduce pain and lead to better health. By resolving these underlying issues, you progress towards more opportunities for what is possible for you. I am here to set you up for success!

Why am I doing this differently?

Committing to a series of sessions invites you to come into a relationship with me and with yourself. We are able to move beyond the tip of the iceberg through establishing meaningful, authentic connection through co-creation and mutual support. You also start to come into relationship with your own patterns, movement, wellness, connection, and relationships. The process creates consistency and helps my clients get the results that they want with the support and guidance that they need.

How it works:

We start with an initial complimentary 20-30 minute phone call to see if we are a good match for working together.

Prior to the first session you will receive my intake forms by email to be completed before the start of the first session.

Session 1 – This can be a standalone session or it can be rolled into the Introductory Package. The standalone session is a one-time option. The introductory package can be purchased after the standalone session.


Intro/Foundations Package.

This 5 session package is intended to laser focus on your immediate needs so you can learn the skills to lay the foundation to progress towards your goal. It has been my experience, to get the results that you want, this is the commitment that you need to make to yourself, your well-being and I am here to support you through that. Each session will help your grow your skillset to progress you towards your goals.


Growing the Foundations/Building Momentum/Progressing Beyond Basics

5, 10 or 20 session packages

You’ve developed a foundation and are progressing towards your wellness goals. You want to maintain your trajectory towards feeling great. You feel the benefits of your progress and you want continued support and guidance as you explore what else is possible for your health and wellness. Our purpose is to build endurance and stamina around new patterns which requires support and attention. We continue to co-create together, refine goals and practices.


Maintenance package

6 follow up sessions

You feel like you need some extra support after the introductory package. The purpose of this package is to help you to maintain the habits you’ve built with me. We can address questions, refine existing programs and anything else that arises in between sessions. Check in every 4-6 weeks.


In-depth Guided Self-study and Movement Exploration – 3 month Package

  • Targeted programming specific to you.
  • Goal setting to focus on your needs and desires.
  • Live in-person or online yoga therapy sessions for your personal practice.
  • Take home programming.
  • Self-Reflection practice to deepen self-awareness and support you towards your goals.
  • Anytime access to me by e-mail, Zoom or text.
  • Discounts for workshops/retreats.
  • Access to movement videos on request.

In-Home Packages available.

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