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"I realize the other aspect that Lindsay does so well is her
ability to create a safe space, a calm space, to ease the rising tension and anxiety that threatened to overwhelm me during the beginning of this crisis.

Ida Jagaric

"I had terrible neck and shoulder pain and I went to see Lindsay and now after a week it’s nothing, it’s gone. For over a year, I’ve not had functionality [in my shoulders and neck], it’s tiny movements and it’s
incredible what user error as done to me over the years.

Katie Mellor

" I thought my days were done.  [Then, last week]
I did the same walk I haven’t done in 2.5 years…I was so happy… my neighbours comment that they haven’t seen we walking and it was because I couldn’t. I can’t wait to set my next goal… So much is possible for me now.

Karen Horn

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