“You have an incredibly special way of being with people… It is not east to be vulnerable and you showed me that it’s okay to do so. As a man so often, we are conditioned to not show emotion, not to cry, to suck it up and just be strong. Your energy creates a level of safety and trust that I feel I could open wide up to. I think that is a gift you have and will bring you a lot of success especially working with Men. The men in this world need more of that.” - Kris Iglis

“I used to be a personal trainer who focused on mindful movement and all I can say is Lindsay is the ultimate teacher of mindful movement!!! Better than any other yoga teacher or trainer I’ve ever had! I’ve explored my range of motion in smaller, more controlled, more helpful ways than I ever have in the past. And her ability to see where your movement is less ideal and her cues to keep you in your controllable range are invaluable!

And in this time of the COVID-19 crisis, taking Lindsay’s online classes, I realize the other aspect that Lindsay does so well is her ability to create a safe space, a calm space, to ease the rising tension and anxiety that threatened to overwhelm me during the beginning of this crisis.

I’m tearing up a little writing this last bit, but I just wanted to finish by saying, Lindsay’s classes have been my lifeline back to sanity during this and I don’t know what I would have done without them. ” Ida Jargaric, actor, personal trainer.

“I started private sessions with Lindsay after reviewing a video featuring 360 degree views of me speaking on stage. I did not like what I saw of my posture.  When I arrive at her beautiful studio, I’m usually in go, go, go mode.  But Lindsay slows me right down.  The subtle nature of the movements she introduces is surprising.  By the end of the session, I’m standing how I think I should be standing.  Becoming aware of that difference, and making it the new baseline is the biggest benefit.  Thank you Lindsay, I’m grateful for your work.” – Laura Tucker, Leadership coach and host of the Free Your Inner Guru™ Podcast.

“I had terrible neck and shoulder pain and I went to see Lindsay and now after a week it’s nothing, it’s gone. For over a year, I’ve not had functionality [in my shoulders and neck], it’s tiny movements and it’s incredible what user error as done to me over the years.” – Katie Mellor, Mellor Insurance

“I’ve been struggling with runners knee for a while now and I went to see Lindsay for yoga therapy. Lindsay is an extremely attentive practitioner who’s able to understand her clients condition and guide them through focused driven movements to alleviate stress / pain. 

She took the time to open my eyes to other factors that are contributing to my condition and provided practical tools I can do regularly on my own. Lindsay was thorough, compassionate and professional. She knows the body very well and creates a safe space for her clients. I would highly recommend Lindsay to anyone looking to take good care of themselves as she’s a dedicated, passionate yoga therapist with a wealth of knowledge.” – Ryanne McGee, Sale Representative, Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited

“I worked with Lindsay in September because I kept getting injured when I played hockey. With the techniques that she taught me I haven’t had any pain or injury return – now 4 games and many practices into the season. I can feel that I’m getting stronger and I’m really happy.” – Nathan, grade 9 student, hockey player.

“In the  6 sessions of yoga therapy we have done together has shown me the benefit of the small movements exercises you designed for me to do together as well as the ones you have given me as homework. I have seen improvement in my day to day movements – walking , running. climbing stairs, sitting to standing, as well as my shoulder and upper back flexibility You are very patient and supportive of me. I love the ‘check-in’s you do with me between sessions.” – Mirian O’Neil, Four Seasons Hotel

“I have been working with Lindsay Keefe doing yoga therapy for many months now. I had pretty sore shoulder which would actually wake me from sleeping (although I only came to this realization after I started working with Lindsay- up until she helped me to get more in touch with my body and sensations, i just thought I slept badly). I have learned to move my shoulder blade without moving or tensing all the other muscles in my neck, arms etc. I have learned to notice when I am tensing. I have learned to breath and to be mindful of my breath. The biggest impression that Yoga therapy had on me is the impact it has had on my pain but also on my well-being overall. I have started to sleep much better, I have less pain and I have realized that when I do the work that Lindsay has prescribed and taught me it makes an enormous difference. I feel like this form of therapy has so many benefits that many others do not in that it focuses on a specific issue, but takes the whole person into account and also teaches the client to learn about their bodies overall and to experience a greater overall awareness in and out of sessions with Lindsay”. – Sarah Smith, Sarah Smith Coach

“If you have any kind of ongoing chronic pain, sign up for Lindsay Keefe’s Pain Yoga Clinic!

I’ve been a chiropractor for 20 years and because of the repetitive actions of my profession, I’ve developed pain in my right shoulder, elbow and wrist.

I was nervous to try Lindsay’s class because traditional yoga poses increase my pain. I wondered if I would make it through the whole workshop. I shouldn’t have worried. The moves were helpful AND felt good. The class was small enough that we each got one on one time with Lindsay. By the end, my body, including my arm, was relaxed and centred. I felt stronger and more hopeful about recovering.

Afterwards, Lindsay gave us a handout outlining the poses and exercises we had done. A few hours later, a video of the exercises landed in my inbox! Definitely above and beyond what I expected.

Thanks Lindsay!” – Dr. Maya Pande, Chiropractor

“You must be lucky to be reading this testimonial because it means you have found Lindsay Keefe and her amazing yoga experiences. I have been fortunate enough to have done several yoga workshops with Lindsay, most recently two of her Yoga for Pain Clinics. I keep returning because there is helpful new information each time, and because it keeps me practicing the postures that are so good for me.

Lindsay is unique in her ability to pinpoint the very specific asana that targets a problem area. She is also excellent at describing in words and visuals hoot  properly do the various postures. I have not found a previous yoga instructor with such an ability to identify positions and moves that relieve tension or discomfort. For me, that was sometimes in areas that I hadn’t even recognized were restricted but now feel much freer after my class with Lindsay.

I so enjoyed my workshops with Lindsay, I am now looking forward to doing some one-on-one sessions with her. I highly recommend trying yoga with Lindsay. You will be glad you did. “ – Susan Patterson, owner of SupperWorks, Leaside

“I had recently moved to Canada and it was during my first winter here that I met Lindsey searching online for help to cope with the stresses of life with two young children in a completely new environment. I was desperate to find anything that could provide me the slightest form of serenity.

During our sessions I learned that keeping calm was not so hard after all. I had what it takes all within me. Lindsey taught me not force any posture and she never let me forget to breathe. I felt an ease and comfort working with her. She showed me how with little effort I could achieve what I was aiming for. We practiced small movements paying attention to every detail. Lindsey quickly understood exactly what I needed. We worked on my neck and shoulder area and the results were amazing. I felt like a new person. I am so glad I took out that time to focus on myself.

Lindsey truly has what it takes to be a nurturer, a healer. She has that positive vibe and energy which I was fortunate to benefit from. And now every time I am on mymat it’s like my body knows what to do. It remembers the new connections I wasable to make during that time. I am grateful that Lindsey helped me become aware and enabled me to help myself through this wonderful art of yoga.” – Ameeha Khalid, Stay at home mom

“I would like to recommend Lindsay to anyone that wants a peaceful yoga experience. I am going through treatments of Chemotherapy and it is extremely important for me to have a teacher that is kind, caring and reliable like Lindsay. As you can imagine I have enough stress in my life but I feel totally relaxed during our sessions. I recommend her highly to anyone that needs to relax and needs the comfort that Yoga gives.” – Frances Novak, Keller-Williams Realtor

“I’ve been practicing yoga with Lindsay for the last 7 months. I’ve noticed a very significant change during this time. Prior to practicing yoga I had limited strength and some balancing difficulties due to arthritis.  When I met Lindsay I was impressed with both her knowledge and her patience. I’ve been practicing yoga twice weekly and have noticeably more strength and much better balance. Lindsay started with basic poses and as my abilities increased she added more difficult poses to both challenge me and to help me grow. I very much recommend yoga with Lindsay to other seniors to either stay active or to become active. Lindsay has the ability and the patience to customize a yoga program for people of all ages and all physical conditions.” – Monica – Private Client

“My husband and I wanted to try yoga together. We tried the experience of attending yoga classes at our gym but we weren’t satisfied with the experience. Through research and referrals we found Lindsay Keefe on the internet.

We have stressful jobs, and busy lives but having someone come to our house to teach us Yoga is beneficial. Through her I have learned the breathing techniques to relax and de-stress.

Through her training she has helped me relieve pain in my lower back, legs and calves.  I also no longer walk around with my shoulders up beside my ears.  I feel great after each session.

Lindsay is calm, very knowledgeable and very attentive to our needs and concerns. She focuses on our specific needs determined through dialog at the beginning of each session and then she quickly adapts the session to address the needs . Whenever Lindsay is introducing new poses and techniques she is very positive and works side by side to demonstrate which makes learning 1:1 much more relaxing.

Based on our experience, I would highly recommend Lindsay as a personal yoga instructor.

Her communication and demonstration skill set along with her extensive knowledge and experience make her the fantastic instructor that she is!!” – Kathy Markoff – Private Client

“Lindsay teaches yoga classes at my workplace and makes doing exercise tolerable. She listens to when we make requests and tailors the session around the needs of our group. My favourite part of yoga is Savasana. It is one of the few moments in the day I get some zen and my mind can be at peace. Lindsay is always there to help adjust a position and to provide the support I need if I can’t reach the fullest pose.  When we go into a pose where I need to grab my feet, she is already there with the strap. I would recommend Lindsay because she is kind, patient, knowledgeable, calming and supportive.” – Jessica Ylanko – Corporate Client

“It was very convenient to have the instructor coming to the workplace.  We started yoga right away after work, and could go straight home when we finished.  We learnt different yoga poses, relaxation and breathing techniques which helped to relief muscle tension and reduce stress.  Surprisingly it also helped to lower my body weight and blood-sugar level.   Our teacher, Lindsay, was knowledgeable, very friendly and provided special attention to those who needed it.  I enjoyed every moment of our yoga classes.” – Adelina Leung, T&T Supermarket Head Office

“At first I wasn’t very comfortable about going to yoga classes but I kept going and ended up really enjoying it. I found the breathing exercises very calming. Lindsay helped me realize, that yoga is a nice way to exercise without having to kill myself each time, as I would normally do with other forms of exercise. I liked the combination of the strengthening, stretching and breathing techniques. Lindsay has a very calm mannerism and I feel that it really helped everyone in the class. I can’t wait to take more of your classes in the future.” – Manuela Ghermeck – Industrial Alliance

“Lindsay’s Corporate yoga classes have helped me to increase joint flexibility in my hips and shoulders, which has helped improve my gym routine particularly with squatting and general bar ball exercises. Lindsay helps each of us personalize our yoga practice and meet our goals by providing feedback and hands on assists.  Lindsay has been very informative and explains movements clearly. I like that she varies the classes week to week and adapts to the general goals/mood of the class. Lindsay is a very easy and likeable person, who is passionate about Yoga and continually improves her knowledge and craft of Yoga.”– Chris Wong – Corporate Client

“Lindsay helped me tremendously with my left shoulder that was hurting me for a year and half. After doing the exercise that she recommended, the pain is almost gone.  Thank you for that.  I also really enjoyed that each class was different and that Lindsay encouraged us to try things that we did not think we could do.” – Manjula Mistry – Industrial Alliance


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