Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Therapeutic Yoga for stress relief, back pain, injury and cancer recovery


The thing about yoga therapy: is you become more and more you.

Private yoga therapy classes are the fastest and most effective way to resolve the underlying issues related to pain. Together we laser focus on your specific needs so you aren't left feeling "am I doing this right?"  and you can start to experience progress quickly.

Schedule a free 30 minute Discovery Call with me before you begin any of these classes for the first time.

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If you are interested in private yoga therapy, I am providing limited single class sessions as long as we can find a mutually available time. Call for a consult because I can also discuss other options for you as well!


 Private Yoga Therapy - Single Class - $135

private yoga classes for back pain, athletic performance, seniors, stress relief

Single class yoga therapy sessions are available to clients for follow up or maintenance sessions after completing one of the yoga therapy programs. Single class sessions can also be purchased one time prior to beginning a yoga therapy program if you’ve never worked with me before.

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 6 Week Yoga Therapy Program - $749 (currently not available until summer 2023)

yoga therapy program for back pain, rehabilitation, stress, burnout, cancer care, recovery

This is a consecutive 6 week intensive program. Together we identify an area of focus and build support and resources to progress you toward your goal. You will learn my fundamental principles of yoga therapy, track your progress and receive a program you can practice easily on your own.

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